Carer Visa Subclass 116 – Application Process & Visa Rejection Appeal

Carer Visa Subclass 116 – Application Process & Visa Rejection Appeal

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

About Carer Visa Subclass 116, Application Process and Visa Rejection Appeal

Australia is reputed globally for having a multicultural and encompassing community with many types of visas available for foreigners wishing to reside and work here.

The Carer Visa Subclass 116 is one of the best visa options for people who want to be close to an Australian sick relation and provide care to them. This guide comprehensively takes you through various stages of applying for this visa so that the application journey goes on smoothly and with no uncertainties.

Understanding Carer Visa Subclass 116:

The carer visa Subclass 116 enables people who are ready to offer substantial care support over time to an Australian family member afflicted by a permanent ailment or disability. A caregiver visa enables a stay in Australia for a limited period, assisting a person having difficulties.

Eligibility Criteria:

Once you are sure that you meet the carer visa subclass 116 eligibility criteria you can proceed with the application. The primary requirements include:


The person seeking care should be your relative in addition such one should be your parent, child, brother, sister, cousin, or grandparent.


There are special health requirements that have to be adhered to by both the applicant as well as the care receipt.


Any caregiver should be at least 18 years old.


The person in need of care requires you to have the consent of someone else who is a relevant relation.

Assurance of Support:

You need to have an assurance of support to show that you won’t be accessing the Australian social security system during your stay period.

Application Process:

Gathering Documentation:

First, collect all relevant materials to accompany your application. Evidence of identity, relationship, health, police clearance, and other necessary financial records.

Online Application:

You should visit the Department of Home Affairs and create an Immi account on the official website of the department. Enter all the mandatory information correctly and complete the online application for the Carer visa – subclass 116.

Paying the Application Fee:

Make sure that you pay the relevant visa application fee. The general payment is done via the Internet and through the ImmiAccount portal.

Health and Character Assessments:

Have health checks and write character references while applying. Such examinations are fundamental for making sure that everybody who lives in Australia is safe and secure.


You have to be sponsored by someone who needs care or an authorized member of their family. They should also send a sponsorship letter with information on your relationship with them as well as justification for the care required.

Assurance of Support:

An assurance of support is a legal obligation that a citizen or a permanent resident in Australia has to offer clinically to you when you are in a foreign country as a guest. They should lodge another form with an Australian government deposit through a bond.

Wait for a Decision:

You submit your application and then wait for it to be processed by the Department of Home Affairs. Carer Visa 116 Processing Time may vary and you can get information about it by logging into your ImmiAccount.

Visa Grant:

Once it is approved, you get a Carer Visa Subclass 116. Read about the conditions and terms that come along with the visa.

Conditions and Validity:

Carer visa subclass 116 is usually valid for a fixed term. One should ensure that they meet these visas’ needs, for instance, offering substantial and continual assistance to the dependent. Additional applications can provide extensions, but not more extensions.

How to Appeal Against Career Visa Subclass 116?

When applying for a Career Visa Subclass 116 is denied, you can appeal against such a decision. The appeals process can vary by country and jurisdiction, but generally, the following steps may be taken:

Review the Rejection Letter:

Pay attention to the refusal letter from the immigration service. The reasons for the denial of the visa should be stated in this letter.

Understand the Reasons:

Find out what was it that made them re-issue a visa. It is very important in building an effective case.m

Consult with an Immigration Lawyer:

It is advisable to consult an immigration Lawyer specializing in visa petitions. Such service providers can offer direction on how the process works, and the strength of your case, and ensure that your argument is fully complete.

Collect Additional Evidence:

Make sure that you provide extra evidence if you are facing a denial because of the lack of substantiations or inadequate papers for it has been brought into light by the immigration officers. For example, it may involve recent financial documents, evidence of their relationships, and other information that might be necessary.

Complete the Appeal Form:

Ensure you file the appeal by the directions of the relevant immigration authorities. Fill out the required forms completely with all relevant attachments.

Submit the Appeal:

File the appeal along with all necessary documents as early as possible within the stipulated period. Make sure you adhere to deadlines to prevent issues.

Wait for a Decision:

The appeal may also have been a little lengthy, and it might need you to have a hearing or give more details. Do not despair, take time for yourself and find out how everything is going with your appeal.

Consider Alternative Options:

When awaiting the appeal decision, it is worth trying out other visa alternatives or re-application with better evidence, depending on your privileges.


The applicant must pay attention to their eligibility in the carer visa subclass 116, documentation, and the proper application procedure since these are crucial considerations.

With that being said, this is a detailed guide that prospective caregivers will follow as they apply for visas to work in Australia. Keep checking the latest instructions on the Department for Home Affairs website, and where necessary talk to professionals for greater clarity on how to fill in the forms appropriately.

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