What is American Spirit Rolling Tobacco?


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 This type of Rolling Tobacco is popularly known as the American Spirit. These rolling tobaccos are naturally flavored cigarettes which are free from any preservatives, additives, and is mainly manufactured from whole leaves.

Color Options available with American Spirit Rolling Tobacco:-

You have a wide range of color options to choose from, when you purchase these tobaccos:-

  • Yellow:- Mellow Original Flavor
  • Blue: Full Bodied Original Flavor
  • Dark Green: Organic Full Bodied Menthol
  • Light Green: Organic Mellow Menthol
  • Gold- Organic Mellow Flavor
  • Orange- Ultra Mellow Original Flavor
  • Turquoise: Organic Full Bodied Flavor
  • Black- Full Bodied Perique Blend


(1) Yellow American Spirit:

If you are looking for a 100% additive free natural American Spirit Rolling Tobacco, the yellow pack might be best suited for you. Also, it has a mellow tobacco taste which is considered as a lighter alternative to the blue American spirit. Compared to the king-sized cigarettes, this type of rolling tobacco has 25% more tobacco content.

(2) Blue American Spirit:

This type of tobacco is made from 100% whole leaves and is considered a pure natural rolling tobacco with absolutely zero added preservatives, addictive’s or stems. When compared to any other spirit, Blue American Spirit is fuller in flavor.

(3) Orange American Spirit:

Are you in a search of American Spirit Rolling Tobacco, which are 100% addictive free. This orange pack contains smooth mellow flavored tobacco, blended with natural American Spirit. Also, they have 25% more tobaccos.


(4) Light Green American Spirit:

You relish a refreshing mellow method flavor once you purchase this light green pack. Organic Methanol and Organic Tobacco are the main ingredients of this pack. Also, they are completely free from preservatives and stems.


(5) Dark Green American Spirit:

This dark green pack contains the same ingredients as the light green pack which are organic methanol and organic tobacco. This pack contains 100 % additive free natural tobacco, with a full bodied methanol style taste.


(6) Black American Spirit:

This variant of American Spirit Rolling Tobacco offers dark and rich flavored perique tobacco. Aged in an oak whisky barrel, these are strong flavored rolling tobacco. They are also additive free tobacco which are 100% preservative.


(7) Turquoise American Spirit:

In this type of rolling tobacco, the tobacco is grown under the strict vigilance of USDA’s National Organic Program. Together with 100% additive free tobacco, this pack consists of full bodied organic flavor.


(8) Gold American Spirit:

This type of American Spirit Rolling Tobacco consists of a premium quality natural tobacco, which is both additive and preservative free. In order to create a light mellow taste, this type of Rolling Tobacco uses a denser filter together with a porous paper.


Which is the strongest American Spirit among all?

When compared to other flavored Rolling Tobacco, the black pack i.e., Parque Tobacco is a strong flavored tobacco. This tobacco is the only one which blends in Oak Whiskey Barrels.

Which is the lightest American Spirit?

The lightest Rolling Tobacco is the orange pack of American Spirit. This pack has white filters has white filters and is the only ultra-light tobacco available in the market.


Factors that affects the price of American Spirit Rolling Tobacco:


(1) Federal Cigarette Tax:

The federal tax on cigarettes has been fixed to 1.01$ per pack.

(2) State Tax:

The price of these American Spirit Rolling Tobacco are mainly affected by the State Tax as it is the highest paid tax.

(3) Neighborhood Tax:

According to the reports of Public Health, areas which have high income have more expensive cigarettes.

(4) Brands Tax:

The cost of these Rolling Tobaccos are varied and mainly depend upon the brand.


In a nutshell:

Get hold of these American Spirit Rolling Tobacco from a trusted seller and offer yourself a better experience of smoking.






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