20 Akbare Khursani Health Benefits

20 Akbare Khursani Health Benefits

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Akbare Khursani, also known as “Nepali Chilies,” is a popular spice with numerous health benefits. Learn about the various health benefits of Akbare Khursani and how it can enhance your overall well-being.

Akbare Khursani Health Benefits
Akbare Khursani Health Benefits

What are the other names of Akbare Khursani?

Akbare Khursani has other local names too. The following are the local, scientific, and English names of this pepper.

Local Name of Akbare Khursani

Locally it is known as “Dalle Khursani” or “Jyanmara Khursani”.The name “dalle Khursani” literally means “Small Rounded Chilies” while “Jyanmara Khursani” means “Murderer Chili” in Nepali. This fire burn type is hot if you eat more than you need, you may even lose your life.

Scientific Name of Akbare Khursani

The scientific name of Akbare Khursani is “Capsicum frutescens”,

English Name of Akbare Khursani

In English called “Red Savina Pepper Habanero Pepper”.

How Akbare chilli is used in food?

Akabare Chilies are widely used in Nepali foods. Akbare can be eaten in green raw form, cooked, dried, and pickled in any way. Also, it can be taken in with salad as a chilly salad.

Moreover, it can be added to another vegetable for daily food.  While eating it hurts the tongue, but it is said that it does not affect the stomach like other chili peppers.

Akbare Khursani has been exported from Nepal to various countries in the US and Europe, including Australia and Malaysia. It is also used as a medicine for people suffering from gastric and cold.

Where is Akbare Exported?

Akbare Khursani has been exported from Nepal within the different districts and to various countries like the US and Europe, including Australia, Japan, and Malaysia.

Where is Akabare Khursani found?

In Nepal, the production of Capsicum annum is more in the eastern hilly districts of Nepal I which include Ilam, Sankhuwasabha Terhathum, Dhankuta, and Bhojpur. They are primarily cultivated mostly in eastern Nepal, India, Sikkim, Darjeeling, West Bengal, and so on.

Usually, the akabare khursani grows better mostly in temperate climates. Initially,  in the time of growing, they are green pods that turn into a bright red color when it is fully ripe. This pepper looks like a small cherry  chili

How much hot is akabare Khursani?

Akabare Khursani is one of the very hot chili spices. It’s hot not only in eating raw; it’s equally killing hot in cooking too. The reason behind the name “Jyanmara Khursani” is literally due to this.

When we measure the hotness, it can be measured in pungency, the unit of pungency is SHU (Scoville heat units). So, The Scoville scale unit is a measurement of the degrees of spiciness of chilies.

The green growing chilly has a pungency of 1000-5000 SHU while the fully ripped chill ranges between 100,000 and 350,000 SHU. This is similar to the Habanero chili pepper (the hottest chili among all chili pepper).

Health benefits of Aakbare Khursani

There are numerous health benefits of Akbare Khursani, a type of hot chili pepper. This spicy ingredient is not only flavorful but also packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can boost your overall health.

The akabare Khursani is packed with Vitamins C, A, B, K, and E with lots of health benefits as it is fully loaded with antioxidants that help to keep away our body from free radicals, has anti-inflammatory properties, and fights infection.

Aakbare chilly also has a wide range of health benefits. In Nepali, this spicy pepper is known as “gastric medicine”.

20 Most Common Health Benefits of akbare Khursani

  1. Mitigate cluster headaches, migraines, and sinus headaches
  2. Maintain gut health
  3. medicine for people suffering from gastric
  4. Improves overall digestion.
  5. Useful for sinus infections
  6. get relief from ulcers
  7. recover in inflammation-related bowel disease (IBD)
  8. Increase body metabolism
  9. helps in weight loss
  10. Prevent cardiovascular and heart problems and Boost the health of the heart
  11. Helpful in migraine headache
  12. prevention cancer due to its antioxidant properties
  13. Prevent cold flu and get relief from cold.
  14. Reduce the arthritic pain in the bones and joints.
  15. Reduce the amount of sugar and thus prevent diabetes.
  16. Helps to increase red cells in the blood
  17. Reduce urinary problems.
  18. Adding to any vegetable with Akabare works as disinfected,
  19. prevent allergies
  20. Recovered damaged cells in the body


Benefits of Akbare khursani in Video



Lots of health benefits are there regarding the dalle chili or khursani. You can take it with food by mixing it with curry or pickles.

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