Vintage Charm: How to Make Your Garden More Beautiful: Using Antique Signs


Gardening is a form of art and just like every artist, it is always good to have the right equipment and gadgets. There are however certain accessories that have been around for a long time and still give an old world feel to gardens and one of them is the antique sign. They not only are pieces of art that one can use to beautify the yard but are also telling a story, creating an ambiance of a historical place. In this article we will discuss the ways of using antique signs in the decoration of your garden and other old stuff such as statues of dinosaurs, corners with dust, and street lamps for your yard and, certainly, the wonderful selection of “The Kings Bay”.

The Fascination with Old Signs.

These are not only collectibles that can be displayed as decorations, but they are samples of the past. Every sign has a story of the past painted on it, be it an advertisement of a soda brand, road sign from the past or a quaint piece from a business that is no more. These signs when added to your garden will give your area a vintage touch which many of the contemporary reproductions cannot provide.

Choosing on the Right Antique Signs

When choosing antique signs for your garden, consider the following:

  1. Material and Durability: These items are placed outside and therefore they require to be strong to the extent of enduring all types of weather. Search for signs that are made of enamel, metal, or even weather treated wood for an indication of the quality of the sign.
  2. Size and Placement: Consider where you are to put your signs. Thus, it is possible to use large signs as the main elements of garden design and small signs as the decor that will complement any corner of the garden.
  3. Theme and Story: Choose the signs which are related to the theme of your garden or are the part of the story you want to share. For instance, an aged farm sign will go well with a country garden, while a neon diner sign would look nice in a more industrial-style setting.

Improving Your Garden with Post Lights for Yard

Illumination is a very sensitive part of the garden design if you plan to have a bit of fun in your garden after the sundown. Light poles can be vintage style for the yard and will be useful and beautiful.

Picking the Right Light Poles

  1. Style and Design: You should look for light poles that have that early America feel to complement the antique signs that you have. For the antique themed lights, one can use the sophisticated wrought iron poles or the lantern style lamps.
  2. Lighting Type: These may include the electric light, the solar light, or even the candle light depending on the occasion or the surrounding you want to create.
  3. Placement: In your garden, it will be wise to install light poles along the most strategic locations including the paths, seating areas, or near the antique signs you have.

Bringing in Whimsy with Dinosaur Statues

For the purpose of adding entertainment and an element of the unexpected to your garden, it is recommended to introduce the statues of dinosaurs. Such features can create happiness to children and young people and can be used to initiate conversations during garden functions.

Integrating Dinosaur Statues

  1. Size and Scale: Select the statues that can harmoniously complement the size of the garden you have. When the garden is not very large, it is advisable to place a statue that is not too large; for larger gardens, one can put more prominent sculptures.
  2. Material and Finish: Choose garden figures that are made of materials that will not succumb to the elements easily such as stone, metal or resin.
  3. Placement Ideas: One can use certain techniques such as to put the dinosaur half hidden behind bushes or trees to give the impression that one has discovered something, or place the dinosaur right in front of a sitting area for it to act as a centrepiece.

Tips to Add a Whimsical Touch in the Home through Dust Corner

Dust corners, or those parts of the garden which are left intentionally wild, and a little on the overgrown side, are beautiful. It is quite possible to decorate these corners with the old signs, thus giving the atmosphere of history that has been lost and is hidden someplace.

Designing Dust Corners

  1. Choosing the Right Spot: Choose a place in your garden which is not so frequented by people where you can allow things to grow as they will. This spot should feel slightly private to give it that mysterious feel.
  2. Incorporating Antique Signs: Put the antique signs on these dust corners to give the impression that the area is forgotten. Signs can be placed leaning against trees, partly hidden in the ground, or hanging on a fence that is nearly falling apart.
  3. Plant Selection: You can use plants with a ‘wild’ feel such as grass, ivy or ferns. These plants can give a sloppy look which can actually add to the beauty of the dust corner.

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Various Strategies for Using Retro Design

Now that we have given you ideas on what vintage elements you can incorporate into your garden let us guide you on how you can incorporate these into your garden.

Plan Your Layout

It is recommended that before placing any item in your garden, make a layout of the same. Make a basic layout of the location and indicate where you would like to put the antique signs, light poles, dinosaur sculptures, and dust corners. This will assist you in getting a feel of the final design and avert any inconsistencies in the design.

Balance and Harmony

Although you may be tempted to populate your garden with lots of retro pieces, sometimes it is better to have fewer of them. Strive to achieve a composition that has some elements of retro style alongside the natural ones. Having too many accessories can over power the area and down play the ambiance you are trying to set up.

Layering and Depth

To ensure that your garden has good depth, ensure that you incorporat different features in the design. This way, place light poles and large signs in the background and small signs and statues in the foreground. This layering effect is quite interesting and gives the garden a more active look.

Maintenance and Care

Some of these products are classical and may be fragile and thus may need extra handling and care. Broken or chipped paint should also be examined as should any signs of rust for instance on the car’s body. Treat your items respectively to ensure that they do not get exposed to the environmental conditions and maintain their appearance.

Inspiring Examples

To spark your creativity, here are a few inspiring examples of gardens that have successfully incorporated vintage elements:To spark your creativity, here are a few inspiring examples of gardens that have successfully incorporated vintage elements:

  1. Rustic Farmhouse Garden: Old farming implements, signs from old seed companies, a lamppost which has an antique lantern on it provide the vintage look. Wildflowers are growing out of the corners and there is a hidden dinosaur statue to give it a bit of a fairy tale feel.
  2. Industrial Chic Garden: rustic signs from the old factories, metal lamps and state of the art dinosaur sculptures give the area a touch of the traditional and the contemporary. Some corners are covered by tall grasses and rusted metal pieces which add the touch of the industrial theme.
  3. Whimsical Wonderland: Energising neon signs of olden days, amusing dinosaur sculptures, and illuminated street lamps with colourful, intricate, fairy-tale like lamps make for a beautiful garden. Ivy growing in the corners, old toys which are hard to find hidden in various places also create a magical feeling.


As you incorporate the old-fashioned signs and other related items in the garden, the ambiance of the garden changes to a more beautiful one. Thus, it is possible to create a visually attractive space that also tells a history and has a backstory. Thus, with The Kings Bay products, your garden will be a combination of the old and the new, providing you with a beautiful refuge for you and your friends for many years.

So, the main rule is that the garden décor should reflect your personality. Select the pieces that you would like to carry with you and that would represent your story. It may be an old sign that you have always wanted to have, a dinosaur sculpture that you find quite cute, or a post lamp that you place strategically, every item should have to be in harmony with the rest of the garden to give it a character of its own. Happy decorating!