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Ultimate Guide for Enhancing Solar Panel Performance

Installing solar panels has become more convenient for Australians now than ever before.

Everything from cost-effective polycrystalline panels to premium and stylish monocrystalline cells are readily available. A wide range of more budget-friendly panels and significant technological advancements are available in the market.

However, the important question remains about their level of efficiency. Solar efficiency refers to the percentage of sunlight that solar panels can convert into electricity. Know all the major factors affecting the solar panel’s efficiency and how you can enhance their performance and make the most of solar energy.

Factors Affecting Solar Panel Efficiency

Here are several factors that influence the efficiency of the solar panels:

Solar Cell Types

Solar cells, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells are devices that use sunlight to produce electricity. There are different types of solar cells, namely monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. Each one of them offers different levels of efficiency levels. However, monocrystalline is considered the most efficient choice, even though it comes at a higher cost as compared to other options.

Angle and Orientation

Installing solar panels at an appropriate angle is the most overlooked aspect. It is very crucial to position the panels in an area that has maximum sun exposure and also at a right tilt. The angle and orientation decide the overall performance of the solar panels.


There’s a direct relationship between the sunlight and the efficiency of the solar panels. As a result, temperatures have a significant effect on panel performance. However, excessive heat can significantly reduces solar panels’ production power.


Solar panels depend solely on sunlight for power generation and shading can be a hurdle in the process. Panel performs best in a high-sunlight environment and if they are placed in an area with excessive or even partial shading, their efficiency will decrease.

Tips to Increase Your Solar Panel Efficiency

Here are a few tips that will help you increase the efficiency of your solar panel system.

Ensure Direct Sunlight Exposure

For commercial or residential solar installation, choose a spot with maximum sunlight exposure. Choose an optimal location that has no potential hindrances like trees, shades, or any other obstruction that casts shadows on the panels. Ensuring direct sunlight exposure to the panels will enhance the efficiency of the solar panels.

Optimal Orientation and Tilt

If you’re located in Australia, the optimal orientation is usually north and at a 35-40 degree angle. To maximize your solar panel output place the panels accordingly to capture maximum sunlight. However, it is generally recommended to keep the angle of your solar panels equal to the latitude angle of your location.  

Regular Cleaning Improves Energy Output

Regular maintenance and cleaning play a significant role in improving the efficiency of your solar panels. Generally, solar panels require minimal maintenance but cleaning them regularly will prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. Clean panels will absorb sunlight effectively and result in higher energy output.

Invest in High-Efficiency Solar Panel Models

There are various models of solar panels available in the market. Do not choose the most attractive one but rather opt for the most efficient one. Although investing in high-efficiency models involves higher costs as compared to basic models it is great for achieving the best output in the long run.

Choose a Professional for Installing Solar Panels

It’s always advised to seek professional help when you plan to invest your money. Installing a solar panel system involves a higher initial cost so it’s better to consult an industry professional like ESA for the most ideal spot and angle of the panels that give the best energy output. Consult with an experienced ESA team who can access your panels and suggest areas of improvement with the most suitable upgrades in the system. Proper installation is crucial for maximizing the efficiency of the solar panels.  

Reap the Benefits of Solar Incentives

The Australian government offers various tax rebates and credits at both federal and state levels to encourage the adoption of solar power. By embracing solar power you can save more on your energy bills and you can also generate extra income by selling the access electricity. Moreover, you can use these savings on the upgrade or modification of the solar system to enhance the efficiency of the solar panel system.   

Go for Leasing Instead of Purchasing the Solar System

If you need to be better aware of the functioning of the solar system, it is advised to lease the system rather than buy it outright. When you lease the system, the solar company takes complete responsibility for the system’s maintenance tasks. Therefore, the solar company’s expertise will ensure optimal performance.

Use Smart Energy Management Software

Consider connecting your solar panels to the energy management software for consistent monitoring of the performance of the solar panel system. It’s important to ensure that you don’t miss out on the declining performance of the system. Therefore, regular tracking by the energy management software will ensure that you check and take preventive measures to enhance the efficiency of the panels.

Control Energy Consumption

It is one of the most basic yet crucial ways to increase the solar panel system’s performance. By managing your energy consumption you can significantly reduce your reliance on external energy sources. Therefore, to optimize the efficiency of the panels you should consider reducing the number of devices running on them. Additionally, using high-energy-intensive appliances simultaneously to avoid battery drainage in one go. Integrate Backup Batteries into Your System

Regular Prevention Checks are a Must!

Quarterly prevention checks are important to maintain the efficiency of your solar power system. Installing an energy management system is great for regular monitoring but a thorough physical examination by professional engineers assures proper functioning of the system.

Optimize Your Solar Panel Efficiency and Contribute to a Sustainable Future

If you are located in Australia, you can reap the benefits of solar power more conveniently with the help of a solar installation company. Investment in a high-efficiency solar panel comes with a great ROI in today’s time. However, by strategically enhancing your solar panel’s efficiency you can increase your energy generation along with contributing to a greener and cleaner future. 


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