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NEPTE  is New Nepali Full Movie of 2021/ 2078.  This is Dayhang Rai Movie which is comedy movie with social message with full of enjoyment. The NEPTE movie is produced by Rohit rumba and directed by Dev Kumar Shrestha.

This new Nepali movie is starred with  Dayahang Rai, Rohit Rumba, Arjun Gurung, Buddhi Tamang  in major role. Dayhang Rai Movie are always hit in Nepali movie industry. His is one of successful actor in every role in Nepali movies.

Casts of  NEPTE Movie

  • Dayahang Rai
  • Rohit Rumba
  • Buddhi Tamang
  • Arjun Gurung
  • Chhulthim Gurung
  • Purnima Lama
  • Pranisha Silwal

Nepte Movie Music: Nuw Nepali movie

The new nepali movie nepte has movie by following

  • Babu Bogati,
  • Santosh Raaj,
  • Rohit Rumba

Watch NEPTE | New Nepali Movie | | Dayhang Rai Movie Online

You can watch this new Nepali movie of 2021 on Nepali movie by the highlights Nepal YouTube channel . There are lots of Nepali Movies Online you can watch on this Nepali youtube Channel.

This Dayhang Rai Movie is also recenetly released on Nepali Youtube Channel by highlight nepal which is also onee of the best Nepali movie you will enjoy to watch online.

Lets watch this nuw nepali movie online here


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