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Must-Have Features to Increase the Value of Your New Home

Forget trends, think value! Explore proven features that add long-term worth & make your new home a buyer’s dream.

When you decide to build a custom home, you have already prioritized excellence and customizability over anything else for the Value of Your New Home. However, while you decide on the number of bedrooms in your new home, it’s important to not lose sight of the big picture. Make sure that your new home isn’t just beautiful, but retains its value in the long term.

Your Okanagan custom homes shouldn’t be up to the latest trends but adopt practical features as well. It should have features that make it a desirable option among future buyers. After all, your home is an asset that needs to multiply your investment during your retirement.  

Essential features that boost your home’s value:

1. Solar panels or a reflective roof

Solar panels come with a warranty of over two decades. It is worth and Value of Your New Home to a good extent. When you install them in your home, you automatically increase the value of your home. Even if you sell it off after several years, new owners would benefit from the installation. Even if solar panels didn’t increase the resale value of your abode, the cost savings in energy consumption are worth the hassle.

However, if you’re tapping into geothermal power or rooftop wind turbines, or get poor sun exposure, consider reflective roofs instead. Reflective roofs have a formulated coating that reflects the intense sunlight and heats away from your home. This makes your Okanagan house for sale perfect for buyers looking to cut down on their carbon footprint. Your HVAC system also has an easier time keeping things cool.

2. Energy-efficient doors and windows

You can never go wrong with energy-efficiency installations. Both doors and windows have a huge impact on the overall energy consumption of your home. When you choose energy-efficient doors and windows for your home, it reduces your power consumption and makes the planet a bit better.

These doors and windows usually have multi-layered glazing with low emissivity glass and an inert gas in between layers for superior insulation. They are also airtight with excellent sealants on the sides. New buyers also love the notion of purchasing a custom home in Okanagan with such doors and windows since they cost less to live in while you get the leverage to ask for a premium on your home’s sale price. 

3. Ample natural lighting

This one sounds weird since you don’t need to spend a lot of money to design a home that maximizes natural light. However, you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s a feature that’s missing from so many modern homes. The first step to maximizing natural light is to choose a Kelowna lot for sale that gets ample sun exposure from several directions.

Natural light makes your home more energy efficient during the winter season and elevates your mood. It also makes your home appear brighter and makes the colours pop. Moreover, rooms look bigger when they have more natural light. No wonder homes with more natural light come with a higher price tag.

4. Smart home tech

Your phone gets updated with the latest software every month to bring you new features and strengthened security. The same holds for your home. When you integrate smart technology into your home, life simply becomes more convenient and secure as good Value of Your New Home Now there are several kinds of smart home tech – a few of them are practical while others are gimmicky.

For instance, smart lights and smart garage doors that operate automatically in your presence make your home more secure and increase your quality of life. Similarly, smart doorbells allow you to receive packages when you aren’t home and pick up on suspicious activity. Luxury homes for sale in the Okanagan usually have these features for high-net-worth clients. On the other hand, there are ‘smart curtains’ and ‘smart albums’ that drain your money and bring no value.

5. Deck or a Patio

Don’t forget the outdoors while designing your custom home. Patios and decks act like extensions of your home and provide you with excess living space while embracing the elements of nature. Decks help expand the square footage of your property and also add to the value of your home with a high ROI. If you choose composite instead of wooden decking, they come with transferable warranties that stretch to several decades.

Building a custom home in the beautiful Okanagan can be a thrilling journey. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it like any other home construction project – a real estate investment. Add the above-mentioned features to boost the value of your home and make handsome returns during your retirement.


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