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5 Essential Preparation Tips While Studying for CPA/CMA Exams

Top Preparation Tips for US CPA and CMA Exams – well, we are all familiar with finance and accountancy but most of us still didn’t even know about how to implement or prepare for that. However, it is a very essential and vital skill when it comes to achieving certifications like US CPA and US CMA.

You have your eye on and are rather essential for guaranteeing that chosen spot at an accounting and financial firm.

No matter if you are a working professional or just passed out from your accounting or finance graduation, the bottom line is preparation strategy and time management are key. If you are studying for the dual certification i.e.

US CPA or US CMA or working towards getting your licensure, whatever it is if you are discovering it challenging to get through your to-do checklist and get jobs done in a convenient manner, don’t forget to check out these five essential preparation tips to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Time Management

Time management is one of the most crucial parts while preparing for the US CPA and US CMA exams. Make sure to list out all your assignments and count due dates to help reach your objectives and enhance your time management skills. Check your task board at the start and by every end of the workday to ensure nothing was forgotten.

  1. Use the best-in-class review course that allows you to manage your workload

Speaking of the best-in-class review course in the market, whether in India or outside India as well, the Surgent review course has personalized exam review courses for US CMA, CPA, EA, CIA, and CISA exams that comprehend your study plan with the practice CPA exams test questions, CMA exams test questions, and more to construct effortless bursts of educational content towards your career path you desire to take.

  1. Limit Your Social Presence

Usage of social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more has become a driving force in our community that has become the most common distraction factor.

While preparing for the CPA or CMA exams, make sure to limit the number of times you glance at your Smartphone by placing it on your study desk. Moreover, you can also turn off the notifications on all social media platforms and bypass exploring the platforms on the internet.

  1. Say goodbye to noisy things

Many working professionals don’t have the courageousness to say that they have enough on their plate. However, saying no causes stress, anxiety, and frustration while they are unable to finish the assignments on time or show their best work. Remember that, don’t push yourself too much, it will not be good for you or the finance or accounting firm.

  1. Hire a mentor to assist you towards your career path

Look for the best in class mentor to guide you in your career path and help you get the dual certification (US CPA and US CMA) stress-free and hassle-free. KC GlobEd has got you all covered if you are looking for the best educational counselor and subject-matter expert – CPA & CA Kamal Chhabra.

KC GlobEd in collaboration with the Surgent educational professional has everything you need to pass the US CPA and US CMA exams in one go. They have the adaptive learning approach with their unique software – adaptive technology, including ReadySCORE, you can maintain your study time to a minimum and pass the exams.


So, what are you waiting for? Get on a way to pass the US CPA and US CMA Exam today with Surgent educational professional and in-house team of KC GlobEd.



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